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Ответ нашей городской администарции на президентский иммиграционный указ (указ этот, замечу, является очередным показательным подтверждением народной мудрости: "Не дай Боже свинi роги"):
"The City of ******* is committed to enhancing its cultural fabric by supporting and celebrating its multi-ethnic diversity, which includes newcomers and immigrants. In keeping with this philosophy, the Redwood City Police Department does not actively participate in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, which are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  This means our police officers do not conduct sweeps looking for suspected undocumented aliens, and we serve all members of the public equally regardless of immigration status. Our department only arrests or detains based on factors which establish probable cause of a crime rather than arbitrary aspects such as suspected immigration status.  We believe we are all safer if anyone who contacts us to report a crime can speak freely rather than feel vulnerable to deportation.  Our law enforcement personnel and staff in all of our departments strive to support the ideals of welcoming and all members of our community, including immigrants. The City's motto is 'Building a Great Community Together' and a long-standing City goal is to build a community that is welcoming, vibrant and actively engaged in the life of the city."


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